SDK Demo

SDK Demo is here as an example of how you can embed Appmixer into your product. As you already know, Appmixer is not an end-user product. Being seamlessly embedded into your platform, Appmixer becomes a natural part of your product without your end-users noticing.

The SDK Demo and especially its source code is very useful as an example of how to use the Appmixer JavaScript SDK to display e.g. the drag&drop workflow automation designer, connected accounts, flow manager, and logs in your product. Moreover, it shows you how you can associate your user management system with Appmixer virtual users.

Use SDK Demo to:

  • study the source code in order to understand how to embed Appmixer in your product using the Appmixer JavaScript SDK

  • preview what Appmixer looks like in your platform and, thus, reveal the experience your end-users have when interacting with Appmixer's interfaces.

Further in the Knowledge Base, you'll find out there are two SDK Demos:

  1. Workflow automation helping you preview the interface in which you or your end-users build sophisticated flows from scratch.

  2. Integration templates empowering your end-users with a simplistic way to integrate different apps.

Access both SDK Demos below.

pageSDK Demo: Workflow automationpageSDK Demo: Integration templates

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