Connecting a new account

Take Asana as an example. If you decide to use Asana in your flows, you need to make sure your account is successfully connected to Appmixer. Once you do that, you'll have all you need to start using triggers like listening for new comments, or actions like creating new tasks.

The way to connect a new account to Appmixer is pretty straightforward. Navigate to a flow where the newly connected component will be used, drag and drop the component to a canvas, and choose the trigger or action.

You'll notice your account is not connected yet.

To connect your account successfully, click on the "Connect new account" icon and wait for the authentication process to start.

⚠️ The prerequisite here is that your developers registered the desired apps with Appmixer so that you or your end-users can complete the authentication process seeing your company details like logo and company name. Without that, the process above won't work.

Once the authentication is successfully finished, you have all you need to start using the newly connected component in your flows.

You might be wondering if there is centralised place where you can manage your connected accounts. The answer is yes! Read our next section to find out how to rename, test or disconnect your accounts.

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