Appmixer Studio

Appmixer Studio is the interface where the flow configuration happens. As you already know, this interface can be used to build flows for internal processes, integration templates that will be exposed to your less technical end-users via simple integration wizards, or can be embedded into your platform to empower your end-users to build sophisticated workflows.

Besides that, Appmixer Studio helps you connect and manage your accounts (connection to third-party apps), create, edit and manage Data storage, and access insights that help you control the performance of your flows.

Use Appmixer Studio to:

  • create and manage your flows and integration templates,

  • connect and manage your accounts (connections with third-party apps),

  • create, edit and manage data storage,

  • access insights (dashboard, logs) to find out how flows are performing.

We dedicated a whole section to Appmixer Studio features. Learn more about them by reading the section below.

pageWhat is a flow

Don't forget that Appmixer Studio is just one of the three Appmixer interfaces. Next, you will learn about the basics of Backoffice.

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