SDK Demo: Integration templates

As you already know, the SDK Demo helps you get some hints on how to embed Appmixer into your product, and preview your configuration – in an imaginary SaaS platform – to see what Appmixer will look like once it lives inside your real platform.

The second SDK Demo we offer relates to the simplistic version of the integration builder. Say your end-users are not tech-savvy enough and want to integrate different apps as easily as possible. Impossible as it may seem, we've built a tool called Integration templates that does exactly that.

In one of the previous sections, we showed you how to create integration templates using our drag&drop visual designer. Now, it's the right time to preview your configuration and see what Appmixer will look like once it lives inside your platform.

Moreover, make sure to study the source code of the SDK demo to understand how to use the JavaScript SDK to display any of the Appmixer UIs in your product and to connect your users with the Appmixer virtual users to keep user data separate.

How to access your SDK Demo?

For those of you who recently started a free trial, refer to one of the onboarding emails. We've generated a special link that will help you download the SDK Demo: Integration templates. Alternatively, you can download the SDK Demo below:

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