Forward customer support calls based on PIN

In this example, we demonstrate how to forward customer support calls – or calls in general – to customer service, but only if the PIN provided by the user is known.

Twilio is a good voice & SMS API that we take advantage of. An alternative would be to use Plivo which is provided as a built-in app in Appmixer too. Of course, you can use any other tool of your preference (provided the component exists or you build it yourself).

In this example, we will use two apps: Twilio and Google Sheet. Below, see an overview of our flow.

We start with a trigger component that is activated when a call is received on our Twilio number.

As soon as a call is received, we want to ask the user for their PIN code. We can use the GatherCallInput Twilio component to do that. Let's fill in the message and enter parameters of our PINs – number of digits and finish key.

Next, we want to match the user input with values in our database using the Google Sheet component. In other words, this component helps us check whether the PIN already exists in our database or not.

As you can see, there are two paths from the Google Sheet component: out and notFound. We want to set different scenarios for both of these. Let's start with the case where we found the PIN in our database.

The initial goal of this flow was to forward the call to customer services, remember? Now it's the right time to set the ForwardCall component.

If we don't find the PIN in our database, we want to answer the user pointing out we haven't found her PIN, and that her next steps should be to get in touch with our sales department.

Done ✅ We can start the flow now, and make the first step to streamline our customer support processes.

In the following example, you'll learn how to feed data about your customers to Mailchimp.

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