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Welcome to the Appmixer Knowledge Base! 👋

In the following sections, you'll get a clear picture of what Appmixer is and how this technology helps you implement automation and integration capabilities into your platform.

Throughout the Knowledge Base, you will come across three main interfaces: Studio, Backoffice, and SDK Demo (which is not a final interface but serves as a guide for your developers to understand how to integrate the Appmixer UIs into your own product). To understand how Appmixer works, it is crucial to understand the difference between them. Refer to the sections below to understand the basics.

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Once all the basics are clear, start exploring the key features of all of the three interfaces. There is so much to discover in Appmixer. Thanks to the fact that Appmixer can be fully customised to suit your business needs, you can extend the limits and make Appmixer even more powerful.

pageWhat is a flowpageInsightspageSDK Demo: Workflow automation

Keep in mind that this Knowledge Base is created mainly for exploring Appmixer product features. If you're a developer, you might be interested in our technical documentation here:

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