Logs, being one of the core features of the Insights panel, are a great help when identifying potential errors in your flow, or generally checking the flow performance and data that passed through it. As you already know from one of the previous sections, you can troubleshoot errors also in a flow. This time, nonetheless, we will focus on the "Logs" view in the Insights panel.

First and foremost, let's see where you can find Logs using the Insights panel.

By default, you'll see Logs for all your flows and for a given time range.

You can, nonetheless, filter the Logs only for specific flows. To do so, use the search bar on the left.

Besides the flow data messages histogram represented by the bar chart in the upper part, there are all Logs that allow you to see the performance of your flows in better detail, and identify potential errors. Note that after clicking on any of the Logs, a Log detail pops up giving you more details on the particular data message.

Now that you know how to navigate to Logs either in a flow or in the Insight panel, let's explore all the possibilities the Dashboard offers.

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