Managing accounts

Previously, you learned how to connect a new account. Now, we'll show you how to manage your accounts. There are a couple of things you can do with your accounts:

  • test the connection,

  • rename the connection,

  • see the flows where the connection is used,

  • revoke the connection.

Have you noticed the Accounts tab in the designer? Great! That's where all your connected accounts live.

From here, you can do all the actions stated above. Even though we've designed the UI to guide you, let's go through all the actions one by one.

Test your connection

Your flows depend on a successfully connected account. At least the ones using integrations with third-party platforms. One way to see if all connections are running like butter is to test them, either using the bulk action or testing them one by one.

"Tested" means there is nothing stopping you from using your connection. "Failed", on the other hand, requires your attention or attention of your developers.

Should your developers need help handling the app registration, send them our API documentation.

Rename the connection

The default names of your connections may be a little bit messy. You can easily rename them to keep your account organised and clear for you and your colleagues.

See the flows where the connection is used

One of the features that comes in handy is to see where the connected account is used. From here, you can go directly to the flow.

Revoke the connection

There are thousands of platforms people use to get their job done. To prevent your Appmixer account from being messy and disorganised, make sure to disconnect the account you no longer use.

Note that Appmixer automatically stops all the flows the removed account was used in.

Good job! 👏 You learned about the ways to create and manage your connected accounts in Appmixer. Next, we'll look at Data storage.

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