Appmixer interfaces

As outlined in the previous section, Appmixer consists of three main interfaces: Appmixer Studio, Backoffice, and SDK Demo.

  • Appmixer Studio is the environment where the flow configuration happens, Besides flow creation, you can manage your connected accounts, troubleshoot errors, view insights and set up custom key-value data stores.

  • Backoffice, being the most technical part of Appmixer, serves similarly like an admin panel. Here, you can grant access to other users, manage access control lists, register third-party apps etc.

  • SDK Demo helps you preview what your end-users see and interact with. As you already know, Appmixer is an embedded (white-label) solution that lives inside your software. The SDK Demo serves as an inspiration for your developers on how they can use the Appmixer JavaScript SDK to embed Appmixer in your product.

Let's explore all the interfaces one by one.

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