Sharing a flow

Did you know that you can share a flow with your colleagues? No? Well, let's jump straight into this cool feature. Knowing that you already know how to create a flow, you're now ready to share the flow with your workmates.

To share a flow, open the flow and click on the arrow icon next to the "Start Flow" button.

By clicking on "Share", a modal opens up offering you multiple ways to share the flow.

Let's briefly go through all of them:

  • Email: Share a flow with your colleague by typing his/her email address.

  • Scope: Share a flow with a scope of users that you previously defined in the Backoffice (e.g. IT Department).

  • Domain: Share a flow with anyone signing in with an email that contains the inserted domain. E.g. by typing "", anyone with an email ending will see the flow in their account.

Note that you can set the rights when sharing a flow. Currently, we support "Read", "Start" and "Stop" actions:

  • Read: The user with whom you share the flow will only be able to see the flow setup.

  • Start: The user with whom you share the flow will be able to start the flow.

  • Stop: The user with whom you share the flow will be able to stop the flow.

Where do all the shared flows live, you may ask. You can see all your previously created flows in the flow panel. When someone shares a flow with you, you will see it here.

Awesome! 👏 Now that you know how to share a flow, let's look at some flow examples to understand the robustness of the Appmixer Studio.

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