Using Variables to map data

In the previous section, you learned how to create Integration templates using the Wizard Builder feature. Now, it's time to map data between different components using Variables.

Variables are placeholders for data that will be only known at flow runtime. They let you use data from one component in other - connected - components.

For example, a component that triggers with new messages in a private Slack channel passes data to a component that sends SMS for each new message. In the SMS text, the original Slack message is passed using Variables.

Notice that we've used the Variables picker on the right to show available variables. This icon and, most importantly, the variable feature is available to you any time you create a flow. Thus, you can map data between any pre-built apps and utilities, or any other component that you build yourself.

Now that you know how to use variables to map data between different components, let's see how you can alter the data using Modifiers.

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